Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Busy guy!

I have been crazy busy lately, so sorry for the lack of updates. I have been keeping up with the pictures, so keep checking them out on Facebook. I have tried to add captions where appropriate. Budapest is an awesome city. It and Chicago are my favorite big cites, for sure.

Anyway, since I last updated you, I've been to Vienna, Bratislava, a ski town in Slovakia called Jasna, and all around Budapest. I've been to the Operahouse for a ballet, Heroes Square for ice skating, and finally checked out St. Stephan's Cathedral. Classes are going well so far. I have met a bunch of international students, and I am starting to meet some Hungarians, too. There are about 8 Americans in my building, which leaves close to 400 Hungarians to meet in my dorm alone. They are very nice people, and we engineers seem to speak the universal language of techno-geek. Stephanie is coming with her school to Budapest this weekend, then we are heading to Barcelona for a week. I met up today with Thomas and Agnes Szekely, some distant relatives through my great-grandmother. In two weeks, I'm heading with about 50 students to Krakow, Poland to see Auscwitz.

That's all for now, I'll try to keep you more up to date with details!



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