Wednesday, October 26, 2005

White Sox win, White Sox win!

"No longer the second team in the second city"

I was a White Sox fan back when Ozzie Guillen still played infield for the Sox. Back in the day with catcher Carlton Fisk, first-baseman Frank Thomas, outfielder Bo Jackson, Sammy Sosa, Ozzie Guillen, Joey Cora, and my favorite Sox player of all time, third-baseman Robin Ventura. Throws right, bats left. They were cool back then. Plaing in Comiskey, none of this US Cellular you-know-what. The big candy swirls in the outfield. Post-game fireworks. South-side Chicago.

Jermaine Dye, MVP.

My dad wasn't even born the last time the Sox were in the World Series. 1959. Last championship, October 15, 1917. 88 years ago. Wow.

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